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All About U Ltd

All About U Ltd

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All About U Ltd - Supporting People with Mental Health & Complex Needs

We have a proven track record with supporting vulnerable people with chaotic lifestyles and mental health illnesses such as: personality disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar, depression, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder. We use an individual and holistic approach through small structured steps to make life enriching achievements possible.

All About U’s Approach to Mental Health
As humans, regardless of our backgrounds, beliefs, or ethnicity it’s in our nature to strive to enjoy life and at All About U we believe everyone has that right. When we face changeling or difficult times alone, sometimes it can seem impossible to see past a way where we can achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

We are not robots. Our mental health cannot simply be reprogrammed or instantly rewired to change ourselves or our well-being. We need to be inspired, motivated and supported to grow stronger and achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

At All About U, we understand that reacting to mental health and well being needs varies for each person, so we always focus on clients as individuals, whatever the situation and however complex their needs, we can help to achieve a full and happy life. Involvement is about making sure the voices of people we support are heard and that their experiences and opinions are used to provide a holistic mental health support service.

The Team at All About U
Our Team have over 20 years experience in Mental Health. Supporting clients with a large range of mental health conditions and other complex needs to live as independently as possible through a recovery focused approach.

We believe in small structured steps to make life enriching achievements possible. Taking the time to understand our clients’ personalities and desires, we get to the root of who they are about so that support plans can be personalised to them. A key part of this also includes ensuring the client is involved in their progression milestones; recognising their ideas and goals, what they have achieved so far and what is excitingly possible for them in the future.

Through a consistency of visits and using a well trained team we have made some amazing progress with structured planning. This is why we are well-known for our high progression rates with all our clients and they know that we will go above and beyond to make sure their progression is achieved.

Mental Health Services - Areas Covered
We cover Rotherham and the surrounding areas including Aston and Swinton.

Contact details

4 Angel Lane, Hoober, Rotherham, South Yorks, S62 7ST

01709 526401



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