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Introductory Video

Find out more about how Connect to Support Rotherham can help you with your support.

Andrew (Connect to Support user)

Transcript: Andrew (Connect to Support Service user)

I found out about Connect to Support Rotherham when I heard about it on the local radio station. The advert said that you could find help and support for adults so I thought I'd give it a try.

I accessed the site through my mobile phone and found a huge array of information and advice. At the time I wanted to become more active and get into fitness. On the site I found a range of sports facilities and activities in the area.

Accessing Connect to Support has helped me to become more active and confident through meeting new people. I am really glad that I went on the site and I would encourage other people to do so to.

Carol (Winthrop Park, local organisation)

Transcript: Carol Bowser (Winthrop Park, local organisation)

When I first heard about the Connect to Support concept, I was really interested and I thought I ought to find out a lot more about it.

Connect to Support has given us the opportunity to reach a much wider audience within the Rotherham area.

The site provides a tool for local groups and organisations to promote their services online and free of charge.

Registering on the site could help organisations increase the number of individuals accessing their services.

Mohammed (Connect to Support user)

Transcript: Mohammed (Connect to Support Service user)

I currently receive my personal budget in the form of a direct payment, which means I can arrange and purchase my own services, to meet my care needs.

The Connect to Support site is a great tool to help me find what is available. I can now compare goods, products and services from a huge range of providers, to see which ones best meet my needs. I can also manage my budget online.

The site is user friendly with large icons and accessible to a range of people as the colours and text sizes can easily be changed.

Connect to Support Rotherham is perfect for me and it's great to have all the information in one place, within a one stop shop.

Noreena and Hugh (Connect to Support users)

Transcript: Noreena and Hugh (Connect to Support Service users)

My granddaughter showed us the Connect to Support site on her laptop.

It's not so easy for us to get around, since my husband was diagnosed with Guillian Barre disease in hospital.

Although our family are helping out, my husband really needed some expert help to get washed and dressed. My Granddaughter said that Connect to Support could help find what we were looking for. She showed us the site which included a number of services to meet our needs.

We now receive homecare support on a daily basis.

Before we looked at the site we had no idea about the support available. We are very grateful for the service we received to help us stay independent.

Robert (Connect to Support user)

Transcript: Robert (Connect to Support Service user)

I am a person with a learning disability and sometimes I need help with everyday things at home. I also have eye problems and need support using a computer. My support worker helped me to use the Connect to Support website.

I really like the website as it is very easy to use. I can change the text colour and size and it's really good because everything is all in one place.

A video has been made to help people to use the site. You can see this on the Connect to Support homepage. You can ask someone you trust to help you use the website.

Rose (Connect to Support user)

Transcript: Rose Addison (Connect to Support Service user)

After my husband passes away I couldn't manage the house or garden so I decided to move into a flat.

Since moving into the flat I felt a little bit isolated so I had to find ways and means of getting out and mixing with the world again.

By using the website I found activities that would help me in the future and that I could use to the best of my ability.

I now attend Breathing Space where I do exercises to help with my COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and this has made a huge difference to my life.

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